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SNH48 Announced!

22 April, 2012 by

At AKB48’s meet the fans session at Shanghai today, it was announced that China will finally start its own ooo48 idol group with Shanghai48! With AKB48’s fleeting success in invading both Shanghai and Hong Kong markets, company ninestyle is missing no chances to hit up a collaboration with AKS to form China’s team of “idols you can meet”. Based on the initials Sha-Ng-Hai, SNH48 will be the China’s version of AKB48!

AKB48 Coming To 3DS

18 April, 2012 by

After two dating games on the PSP, the next AKB48 title will be released later this year for the 3DS. In AKB48+Me (AKB48 plus Me), players will play as themselves, a new aspiring member as they rise through the group’s hierarchy. AKB48+Me is being developed by Kadokawa Games, makers of the controversial Lollipop Chainsaw. The game will combine elements of rhythm and simulation games in a manner similar to the popular iDOLM@STER.