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Excellent value for money hotel in a convenient location

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Candeo Hotel Ueno-koen is a newly built 3 star hotel named after its immediate vicinity to Ueno-koen (Ueno Park). It’s position beside the popular tourist spot makes it a prime location for easy access to hanami (flower viewing) in spring. It was of course Winter, but we were still attracted to the affordable room rates and subsequently surprised by the hotel’s stellar comforts.

Newly built last year.

Getting to and out of Candeo would be easy. It was located just stop away from the Nippori Station, the terminus for travel between Tokyo and Narita Airport.

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Our initial choices for a hotel in Tokyo were fully booked by the time we had come around to booking rooms and I chanced upon Candeo Uenokoen while browsing for an alternative. When combined with early bird specials, prices worked out to be similar to that of Hotel Wing International Korakuen. Another plus point that it was built just recently and online reviews all praised the hotel. We decided to just go with it.

At other times, it’s nice know that the hotel is literally right beside Uguisudani Station on the Yamanote line. This gives it easy access to pretty much any popular sightseeing destination in Tokyo. Akihabara and Tokyo stations are less than 5 and 10 minutes away respectively, great since we’d be visiting the former quite a bit.

The entrance.

Note though, like the rest of the northern Taito part of town the neighborhood was also home to a concentration of Love Hotels. But these provided no distraction other than the eyesore. But to the unknowing, it seemed like any other peaceful public street. In fact, there weren’t even any bars nearby so it was actually less seedy than when I stayed at Shibuya.

Candeo Hotel Ueno-koen’s lobby is located on the second floor, to accommodate those who preferred the privacy. You’re not requested to leave your key cards at the counter when you leave the hotel each day so you don’t have to see much of the staff if you don’t want to. But there are extra toiletries available for free here, in case the ones in the room each day isn’t enough. The hotel also provides an international selection of premium bath salts at the counter.

Counter. You could pick up extra toiletries and daily items here.

The lobby had on display souvenir items for sale of both the traditional and Hello Kitty varieties. As we would learn in the following days, the hotel catered to many Korean tour groups who were pressed for time.

Entrance to the lobby.

The hotel provides free cable and wireless internet connections in each of the rooms already. But there are also laptops that can be used freely in the lobby for those who don’t have a computer on hand.


We booked single rooms online ahead of time but for some reason, were given a standard double room each instead. Not that it was anything to complain about.


The result was that these were to be the largest rooms at an economy hotel we’ve stayed in Tokyo so far. The recency of the establishment also meant that the furnishings and amenities were better than hotels of a similar price point. These rooms we were given were strictly non-smoking.

The room.

Apart from all the usual things you’ll find elsewhere, rooms are also equipped with the hotel’s own free custom video on demand services. You don’t have to pay extra charges or buy those cards to watch special broadcasts and the extensive library of recent movies. Shows were streamed onto the suitable large flat screen TV.

The only problem Wilson and I had was with the in-room internet though. Like all the other hotels we had stayed in during this trip, the internet was frequently down due to over congestion or conflicting IPs. Setting a static IP did help a little.

Best hotel in Tokyo so far.

Candeo Hotel had the largest prefabricated bath rooms I’d seen, with the closest thing to a full size tub you’d see in Tokyo. The bath soaps provided were kinder on the skin and the shampoo didn’t leave my hair in a tangled mess for once.

Not sure if it is worthy of mention but proper pajamas with pants were brought in each day. I preferred it to the inept bath robes they provide you in other hotels (especially in the cold winter weather).

Large prefabricated bath room.

Decent shampoo for once.

I do hope that every stay will be as pleasant as the one we had at this hotel. All things considered, Candeo Hotel Ueno-koen is definitely at the top of my list for places to consider, the next time I require a hotel in Tokyo.

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