Local music festival returns again with a solid lineup

01 July, 2013 by

Baybeats has been a regular occurrence in the Singapore music scene since it started in 2002. The event has been pivotal to raising the popularity of bands from around the region. This year was no different, as bands from as far as Japan came down to perform to a local audience from all walks of life and music preference.

There were 3 stages for this year’s event, with two of them being outdoors. Much like the names of the stages suggest, each stage specialized in a different body of music, with the Powerhouse housing the heavier acts while the Chillout stage played host to the milder acts and the arena being a comfortable middle.


Everywhere around the venue were boards containing relevant info on performances.

With the area being just large enough to house both outdoor stages without there being much sound issues, this meant that the audience could easily switch gears for the bands they wanted to see as their mood shifted throughout the night. It was not uncommon to see people from the Powerhouse stage unwinding to music at the Arena stage during the downtime.


Death metal band Dyeth kicking the Powerhouse stage off.

Music-wise, variety was a matter of course.  Bands ranged from heavy death metal at the Powerhouse to gentle strings at the Chillout stage; fundamentally, there was something for everyone. This was reflected in the audience as well, with age groups spanning several generations watching the same performances. Personally, it was great to see so many people show up to listen to local bands.

Flawed Element

The Powerhouse transformed as the surroundings went dark.

Sloppy Joe

Japanese band Sloppy Joe closing the Arena stage for the last day of Baybeats.

As Baybeats heads towards its next milestones, the festival’s aim of growing local exposure for bands is definitely working. As more events of this nature pop up, the number of attendees are increasing steadily. The next installment of Baybeats should be, as usual, an event not to be missed.

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