Banana Inn Hotel & Spa Bandung

Affordable 4 star hotel in Bandung

09 December, 2011 by

Not too long ago, I spent a few nights over at Bandung for business and ended up staying at the Banana Inn Hotel & Spa. It took a while to follow up but here are some more shots of the hotel and some details of the accommodation for those looking to visit Bandung any time soon.


The Banana Inn is located to the northern edge of Bandung, which was convenient to our place of business but probably not the best location for those visiting the city central. Bandung is small enough that this wouldn’t usually be any concern but transportation here is difficult for the uninitiated (like us).

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The normal “Deluxe” rooms here start from about $60 a night and apparently aren’t too shabby. They tend to book out quickly though so last minute reservations may be difficult. The slightly larger executive rooms that we settled for cost around $100. All are inclusive of a buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant downstairs.

Spacious lobby and lounge.

Breakfast here was about as good as you’d expect from your usual complementary breakfast. Not amazing, but certainly not the worst I’ve had. They also do room service at night for affordable prices.

Hotel restaurant.

The biggest plus point definitely were the clean and spacious rooms. Personally, not too concerned on the later but not having your sheets smell like mold or cigarette smoke always gets the thumbs up.

Equally spacious rooms.

Amenities wise, you’re going to get all the basic stuff that you’d expect and need out of a hotel. Toiletries and internet connection are a given. Still, despite some meeting rooms and a bar downstairs, many of the other facilities seem to be out of service. And on a global level, probably not the 4 stars that the hotel advertises.

Basic expected amenities.

Proper baths.

That being said, I had a pleasant stay at the Banana Inn Hotel & Spa, especially considering the amount of time spent inside. You can find more information at the Banana Inn Hotel official website or their Agoda listing for booking information.



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