• PIper

    Why is b-mobile not compatible with all iphones? According to their list, it is with one model of the iphone 5, but not mine.

  • Adrian

    Hi guys, I will travel to Japan for 14 days on the 19th October. I have an iPhone 4, SIM free with iOS 7.1.2… But eConnect Japan and B-mobile say: iPhone 4 (iOS7.1, iOS6 and below). Does anybody know if it works with iOS 7.1.2 that is slightly a newer version? Thank you.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      No it doesn’t work with 7.1.2 since Apple has removed the VPN setting option in that version.

  • Shaun

    I bought a b-mobile sim and wished I hadn’t. Connection to their network (NTT DoCoMo 3G) has been so intermittent it’s been next to useless. I’ve only used 80Mb of my 1Gb in 4 days. The ‘help’ desk is only open from 7am-11am local time and refuse to help me as my exact phone/model was not on their list. Choose one of the other options so as “So-Net” or arrange an overseas data package with your current provider.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      I would strongly advise against purchasing if your phone model is not among those on the list. However I’ve never had trouble with connection except when in remote corners like Nagasaki. If you don’t mind, for the sake of other readers, would you mind sharing where were you trying to connect from?

  • Kim

    Hi there, my iphone 5 model is A1429 from singapore. Wonder it is compatible to use with the 1GB visitor SIM card as you mentioned.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Unless something had changed since I last tested, I would advise against getting it for the iPhone 5 since it doesn’t allow VPN configuration.

  • Chai yueh mei

    I have a TP link 3G mobile wifi S2520. Would the visitor SIM work as a personal hotspot on this device?

  • Diana

    Hi, I am going to Japan soon, and my phone is iphone 5s. I want to use visitor phone, but I am not sure for the points: my ios is 7.1.2, which is a bit higher than their tested, although I checked that there is no frequency related update…and I will need to install their apn setting, also the tested iphone is japan version and mine is singapore (asia pacific) one. Do you know if it will work? Thanks

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Unfortunately, the last time I tried, I couldn’t get the B-Mobile SIM to work with iPhone 5s with iOS 7. There seems to be a problem with their APN setting file and the iPhone 5 does not allow for manual VPN input.

  • Jasmine


    I am using Iphon4 and is iOS7.0.6.
    I will like to ask am I able to use the 14 days Prepaid card from the B-Mobile?

  • Paula Kamioka

    I saw this 1gb visitor can be used on iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 or older version.
    But what about this 1gb 30 days? And if it does work, where can i buy it?

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Yes. You can get it online from the bmobile store to deliver to your hotel or at any major electronic stores within Japan.

  • Hh

    Hi, if I were to use it for whatsapp, wechat, google map,surfing website &Facebook, which card would you recommend? The 1GB or 14days prepaid?

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      In most cases I would recommend getting one of the 1GB versions, since they are faster. Unless you expect to exceed the limit.

  • yuki

    hi,so if i purchase this,i don’t need to unlock or activate it myself right?14days is also cap in 1GB?Thanks

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      The 30 day ones need to be activated but the visitor 14 day versions come unlocked. You need to select the day you would like them to be delivered and your 14 days starts from that day. The faster blue one is capped at 1GB whereas the green one is slower but has no cap.

  • curious

    Hi, will the b-mobile visitors sim work with Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE?

  • Elyn


    seems like samsung note II is not on the list and I would like to get the 1GB visitor. Will it work?

  • Traveller2013

    I am in Japan right now using the 1GB visitor sim. Although advertised as “perfect for Skype” my experience so far is that during the day and evening the data rate is way too low to support Skype. It is great browsing, but only useful for Skype in the middle of the night.

  • Sweet Musci

    Great article. Very helpful!

    I need a nano SIM that can get LTE speeds. I have a few questions after reviewing b-mobile’s website.

    – Does the 1GB Visitor SIM connect to LTE networks?
    – Is the 1GB Fixed available yet in nano-SIM size?

    – If the answer to both is no, is it easy to find a store that will cut the 1GB FIxed to nano-SIM size?


  • Tiffany

    Hi, do they have prepaid card for 4G?

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Hi Tiffany. The cards have access to LTE. I’m not sure if LTE meets the requirements to be the official 4G standard yet but it is being branded as so in most countries.

  • yorica

    I bought the b mobile 1gb data sim via amazon but it wouldn’t work in my windows phone (nokia lumia 800).
    I’m I right in thinking there is a very limit amount of phones these sims will work in?
    BTW – amazon refunded me

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Officially, the cards only support iOS and Android devices. I’m not familiar with Windows devices. Did you enter the APN settings when using it on your Windows Phone? If you did and it still didn’t work then I would think indeed it would not work with it.

  • christopherjacques

    What would you recommend for a resident who doesn’t want to sign a long term contract?

    I’ve been using a SoftBank prepaid with my unlocked iPhone, and then paying 5000 for a UA WiMAX wifi mobile hotspot.

    It’s expensive!

    Is there any option to use a sim card in my iPhone for both phone and data?

  • Sasha

    Hi! Your posts on navigating/surviving Japan are extremely useful! Thank you. However, I have the same question as the user BML. If I were to purchase a 1GB visitor SIM, will I be able to “personal hotspot” my friend? We are both iPhones users.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Yes you can. The card does not block tethering in any way, so as long as your hardware is able to support it you can tether through hotspots/bluetooth/usb etc.

  • BML

    Thanks for the very helpful information! Do you know if these SIM cards will allow Personal Hotspots on the phone installed with this card? Would like to share the internet with multiple devices. Thanks.

  • titi

    In Yodobashi it is clearly stated in english that the staff is not allowed to activate the sim card for you, if you take the japanese one. And that you need to do it with bmobile as the said price. But it is not complicated to have it activated…just put on your biggest smile and go ask the clerck / concierge at your hotel. I did this several times and never were disapointed..

  • TXH

    Do you have to return the card after it expires?

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      No you don’t have to.

  • Gray

    Would ya happen to know if an S3 can be supported? I couldn’t find it on the website – or at any rate it wasn’t in their list, but that list is supposed to be ‘abridged’.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Yes it is. I managed to get the 1GB Fixed to work on a friend’s S3 last year.

  • Jaa

    I am using iphone5 and I need to get the 30days version of nano sim because im going to be in Japan for 2 months. I saw that you said they are available in yodobashi and bic camera but i went to bic camera today and they said there is no nano sim available. I checked the yodobashi’s website and there isnt any either only the micro sim. Do you know where can i find those?

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Unfortunately, the older SIMs are only available in up to Micro size. Only the new Visitor SIMs come in Nano size. One option would be to cut an existing SIM to the smaller size if you have access to the tools.

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