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Newbies to open for label-mates WEAVER

17 February, 2012 by

In the double-bill in Singapore this March, Applicat Spectra stands next to WEAVER as an invitee. The band has yet to prove themselves, with only a sole single and before that a demo release. Yet, Applicat Spectra are on the same label as bands like flumpool, ONE OK ROCK and WEAVER. What then makes this band special? The answer lies in the band’s instrumental versatility.

Officially, this 4-piece band has the standard-fare lineup of two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. What’s interesting is that each of the members (save for the drummer) has a secondary instrument.

While multi-instrumentalists are not unheard of in bands, Applicat Spectra does not only use these instruments in the studio, where they have the benefit of multi-tracking. The guitarists each play the synthesizer and acoustic guitar respectively, while the bassist does the vocals and plays the sampling pad.

What does this versatility do to their sound? The band itself describes its music as a sparkly fusion of electro and guitar-driven rock. For the most part, I am inclined to agree. Both the sampling pad and synthesizer add electronic elements to Applicat Spectra’s sound. This added to the nuances of the acoustic guitar gives the music an overall feel of dreaminess, one not unlike that of bands like Spangle Call Lilli Line or advantage lucy.

The expansion of the band’s sound from the usual rock music combination definitely aids them, and makes for interesting listening. The only real problem is if the band themselves feel forced to utilize all the instruments at their disposal (especially if they become known for it) and run out of ideas. Given how young Applicat Spectra is however, I doubt that will be the case any time soon.

Applicat Spectra

Applicat Spectra is still very much new to the scene and can only go higher from here. Hopefully they have better singles in store, with some experimentation thrown into the mix. As stated above, they’ll be in Singapore with WEAVER in March. More information on that can be found on Facebook, and Applicat Spectra has their official site here.

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