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Released last month, Amita is the photo book featuring SUPER☆GiRLS member Maeshima Ami (前島亜美), who also goes by the title’s nickname. As one of the group’s most prominent members, this is Maeshima’s, as well as SUPER☆GiRLS first foray into gravure books. Maeshima, known for her kung-fu kicking antics on TV, brings her megawatt smile into this softcover compilation.

Front cover. The book itself is a larger size akin to hardcover ones.

Actual cover.

Comes with stickers for some reason. Including large full body ones.

This particular copy came signed.

Amita is a gravure book in the most typical sense. Ignoring the fact that she is the group’s youngest member, the majority of the books 80 pages are filed with bikini photos. And while she is never put in a compromising position, the contents will likely put some people off. But if you’ve purchased any other idol book before, you’ll know what to expect.

Opens up straight with some beach photos.

Just happy pictures.

Colorful, happy pictures.

Short personal write up from Maeshima about her SUPER☆GiRLS activities.

The photographer in question here is Toru Tokunaga (徳永徹) who I am unfamiliar with. I haven’t managed to find any other works credited to him other than this book. Thankfully, the shots are pretty well taken.

Notably absent are any of the usual glum, artsy type photographs found in other gravure books. While it is refreshing, this also makes it feel like there is generally no theme to any of the pictures. But the attention seeking idol, who has had experience modelling for fashion magazines works well with the photographer to bring a plentiful number of lighthearted shots.

Indoor shoot.

Rather straight forward.

Pajama theme.

Another short essay, this time on her modelling work.

Simply put, this is a book of happy pictures for Maeshima fans. Everyone else will see no point to it.


Some history, childhood photos and unnecessarily detailed statistics.

Ending note.

On a side note, I may have been missing it but as far as I can tell, this book does not come with a keycode for Maidoru! SUPER☆GiRLS.

Amita is available online for 1900 yen.


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