Alishan, Mamiya Perspective

04 March, 2010 by

Recently, I had finally developed the negatives for the Taiwan trip that I have went for during 2009. Lugging a 1.5kg camera and carrying a whole lot of 120mm films was really hard work, but most of the pictures turned out to be well worth the money and wait to develop them. I will now share with you some of the better pictures I took at Alishan. Hope that you will like it.

PS: Just in case if you are wondering what is a Mamiya C220, it is a twin-lens reflex camera made in the 1970s with interchangeable lenses. I will post a picture to let you see how it actually looks like.

Me and my Mamiya C220.

Next up, pictures taken with the Mamiya during the trip.

First stop, Fencihu.

Fencihu station. See the mountain beyond? That's Alishan.

Old street of Fencihu.

The start of a long long hike up the mountains.

Resting at the bridge.

We saw the train track at the bottom of the bridge, and went down.

Guys, if you value your life. Lets not play around the train tracks please.

Luckily for us, the Alishan Tram service is not in service. So we did not get crushed by any incoming trains.

Random Plant shot on the track.

Resting and posing a shot for the camera.

Since the Alishan tram service was stopped due to the Hurricane. we managed to play around in the famous wooden cabins.

Interior of the wooden cabins.


Sakura trees not yet in bloom.

Surprisingly, there is a temple right in the middle of Alishan. Sadly, the nuns in the temple could not take a picture with us due to religious reasons.

Construction is still ongoing at Alishan to rebuild the damaged roads.

Random Interesting Vehicle shot.

Random Bike shot.

Back to our homestay lodging. Yes they actually carve and color the stone.

This is the table where we had our meals and acquainted ourselves with the homestay family. Great mountain viewing place too.

Sadly, the hurricane did quite a bit of damage to the regions of Alishan. See those strips of landslide on the photo?

Way to the viewing stage.

The early bird gets all the nice seats. Just remember to wear something more than boxers!

Lastly, a group photo with the homestay family. The girl and the tallest guy on the right happened to be visiting reporters checking on the damage done to Alishan as a whole.

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Addicted to film, Yan shoots with a black Nikon Fm3a. For special occasions, Yan shoots with a Mamiya Sekor TLR.