AKB48 x Bijo Saishu

Amazing textile collages by Kiyokawa Asami.

20 November, 2010 by

AKB48 x Bijo Saishu is a collaborative photo art book between AKB48 and the famous fashion artist Kiyokawa Asami. Kiyokawa is well known for her use of lace, embroidery, sequins and other textiles as an overlay to theme her photographs. In this book, all 48 members of the idol girl group are treated to their own personal themed stitchwork photo by Kiyokawa. The title and concept of the book, based off her existing art exhibitions “Bijo Saishu” (Beautiful Woman Collection).

Ordered a couple of these  books from CDJapan for a friend and myself a few weeks back but couldn’t find the time between the other posts to share. Had made the decision to purchase it the moment it was announced since it was only 1500 yen. The works in the book are really stunning and a lot of effort was put into the creation of each collage. I’ll be showing some of those that stood out in particular (at least to me) but rest assured are not just a showing of my favored members.


On the back.

Each girl in plain clothes photo with notes by the artist.

Kiyokawa used these photos to analyze the individual girls to plan her concepts.

Final outcome. Ota Aika as a racoon.

Data provided to her, with extra notes taken before and after the shoot.

Bear x Masuda Yuka.

Oku Manami, White Rabbit.

Next few are the most graphically impressive. Kasai Tomomi appropriately as the rose.

Shinoda Mariko, Meerkat.

Nito Moeno as Orchid

Two random post cards.

The damage.

Like most AKB48 merchandise these days, the AKB48 x Bijo Saishu book comes with random bonus items. It’s key to their sales strategy but of course fans won’t mind. This time, you get two random post cards with the same photos in the book. Yan got Oku Manami and Oshima Yuko’s cards, ラッキー! Based on my x-ray vision, I got the Iiwasa Misaki and Tanabe Miku ones.

AKB48 x Bijo Saishu is well worth its price and its one of those photo books which are actually worth keeping. Fans will appreciate the lovely images in the book and it’s an interesting read too. It’s good fun to see what animals Kiyokawa associated with individual girls and the reasons behind it. Some are pretty clear cut like Oshima Yuko being a squirrel and you can’t help but agree Hirajima Natsumi has the character and look of a Shiba Inu.

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