• Prihatin Aza

    hey….. i:m looking the Gekikara Rappapa Majisuka Gakuen jacket. where can buy it? pls share me.

  • LockOn xD

    Dun worry.deres always next time x) 29 may!

    Great post sho!! Lovvvvee it v(^_^v)♪

  • John

    I was wondering why Myao say " Yes, ketchup" during hand shake event. Now its make sense. lol

  • mchan1

    I remember reading a story somewhere a long time ago about a fan that posted that he met Myao in Japan and she somewhat made fun of him by saying "ketchup, ketchup" and other stuff during a handshake event! That fan was confused and very annoyed!
    That ketchup story spread and now, finally… here's the ketchup for Myao!!!
    You lucky Singaporeans get to meet the girls and see their performances as well as their other bi-monthly performances!
    I envy and hate you at the same time ;)
    Great pictures… very clear and up close!
    Thank you :)

    • lolipedofin

      I live here… in love with AKB48 for quite some time, and missed this event… Why?? cause I only knew about this event 3 hours ago… How much do you think I hate myself right now?

  • Justin Chan

    Gah I wanted to give ketchup to Myao, but I didn't know I could bring gifts! Looks like there's another Nihongogo-er around here. xD

  • masterelr

    So the shop is in the same place that May'n will be having a concert next month? Which floor and all? I can go check it out then. Yay!

    • lock

      2nd floor

    • Sho

      You can't really miss it. It's right at the main entrance.

  • Brandon

    Weeee~ i'm in the photo haha

    The black shirt guy shaking hand with Mika! =D

    Great Shot man!

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