AKB48 Revival Concert Booklet

Commemorating AKB48’s 6 years of theater performances

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From end may up till last month, AKB48 held its first ever revival concerts at the JCB Hall. The series of concerts, under the name “Minogashita Kimitachi e, AKB48 Group Zenkouen” (For you who missed it, AKB48 Group Complete Performance), featured all of AKB48’s classic stages from its nearly 6 years of existence. To commemorate this event, a special accompanying booklet was created.

Each of these books follow through the list of song stages that were to be performed during the revival concert. A nostalgic treasure for those who have been around the AKBlock nearly as long or a great overview for others new to the pop sensation.

Copies were sold at the concert for just 700 yen. I personally picked up a copy from 7netshopping (Japan’s 7-11 online store) for the same price. For those living in Singapore, the AKB48 Singapore Shop seems to have brought in a limited number of copies retailing at around $13. Regardless of where you’re ordering it from, each copy comes with one random photograph featuring the AKB48 senbatsu in classic theater costumes.


Here are some photos of what you are missing out on, if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy.

Team A 1st Stage: Party ga hajimaru yo.

Team A 2nd Stage: Aitakatta.

Team A 3rd Stage: Dareka no tame ni.

Team A 4th Stage: Tadaima renaichuu.

Team A 5th Stage: Renai kinshi jourei.

Team A 6th Stage: Mokugekisha.

Team K 2nd Stage: Seishun Girls.

Team K 3rd Stage: Nounai Paradise.

Team K 4th Stage: Saishuu Bell ga naru.

Team K 5th Stage: Saka agari.

Team K 6th Stage: RESET.

Team B 3rd Stage: Pajama Drive.

Team B 4th Stage: Idol no yoake.

Team B 5th Stage: Theater no megami.

Sister groups included.

Team S 2nd Stage: Te o tsunaginagara.

Team S 3rd Stage: Seifuku no me.

Team KII 1st Stage: Aitakatta.

Team E 1st Stage: Pajama Drive.

SDN48 1st Stage: Yuuwaku no Garter.

Team N 1st Stage: Dareka no tame ni.

Himawari-gumi 1st Stage: Boku no taiyou.

Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage: Yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai.

Sadly, I had to give the revival concerts a miss since I expected them to clash with the Singapore concerts (it didn’t in the end), something I regret deeply. So here’s to hoping they bring this back on a yearly basis.

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