AKB48 Re-shuffle On First Day Of Tokyo Dome Concerts

25 August, 2012 by

In the first day of the monumental AKB48 Tokyo Dome concerts, it has been announced that AKB48 will undergo a re-shuffle in its team compositions. The last time the group has shuffled its members between teams was in 2009; 2012’s shuffle also sees recently established Team 4 disbanding and the members moved into the current 3 teams of A, K and B.

Notable changes are Takahashi Minami being named General Manager of the group, with Shinoda Mariko taking her place as captain of Team A. Oshima Yuko has been promoted to captain of K, while Umeda Ayaka has been moved to Team B to lead it.

In a move coming from left field,  the shuffle sees Suzuki Mariya and Miyazawa Sae moving to Shanghai sister group SNH48 along with Nakagawa Haruka and Takajo Aki moving to JKT48. They will move as part of AKB48’s overseas study program for the girls to experience being in an idol outside of Japan.

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