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Possibly the best AKBuy this year

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The AKB48 Overseas Travel Diary 2 (with SKE48) was released last month as a follow up to 2009’s precious release. With their fame spreading overseas and members traveling far more frequently in response, this second book packs memories from all of AKB48’s trips to Guam, Los Angeles, Singapore, Macau, Russia, Hong Kong spanning June 2010 to March 2011. Fans from any of the regions mentioned will probably want to take a look.

Much thicker than the first book.


As before, each copy of the book come with 2 random bonus photos inserted. My copy came with these pictures of Miyazawa Sae and Kuramochi Asuka. The additional Kojima Haruna photo happened to be a pre-order bonus from 7-Eleven. Lucky.

One of the nicest pictures of Sae-chan.

Guam is by now a frequent AKB48 handout and it’s the first location featured in the book. Photos are from the Senbatsu’s recent trip there to film the promo video for their last single Everyday, Kachuusha. This time you’ll find stray shots of SKE48 and NMB48’s aces too.

The recent Guam trip to film the Everyday Kachuusha PV.

As before, lots of lovely high quality, full color photographs.

Candidly taken during the trip.

Celebrating Mariko-sama's birthday in Guam.

AKB48 returned to the United States of America mid last year, this time visiting the city of Los Angeles for the Anime Expo. This particular trip features more concert shots than candid member photos but will still be valuable to fans hailing from the City of Angels.

Last year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Lots more locations visited this time.

And many more photos.

This will undeniably be the highlight for a significant portion of our readers. Yes, the two concerts AKB48 performed in Singapore end last year are covered in all its full color glory. Local fans will be able to bask again in those great memories and a few lucky ones even appear in some of the photos inside.

Singapore fans will definitely want to get this book.

A great memento for those who have witnessed the events.

And the next best thing for moments that you couldn't be part of.

Some of the nicest AKB photos you'll see anywhere.

This time, photos from the performances itself are included.


The previous book suffered from a limited number of featured girls and might not had been a necessary buy for all fans. More members have been traveling since then.

The rather grand Macau appearance.

Spot your locales!

Bubble tea.


The greater number of visited locations this time round also helps to increase the value of the book as far as variety is concerned.

Year end visit to Russia.

Visiting the winter wonderland.

The girls look particularly happy during this trip.

Eating ice cream in the snow.

Awesome group shot of the Russian fans.

Couple of member visits to the Hong Kong AKB48 Shop and Museum earlier this year.

Sae lovers will rejoice at the plentiful photos of her.

As seen here.

Also, some Yuko.

Yuko's public handshake event at Hong Kong's Dragon Centre.

Fans of AKB48’s newest team will also rejoice at the inclusion of their recent trip to Guam where they filmed their Nemousu Special.

The (then) Kenkyuusei, Team 4's Nemousu special in Guam.

This particular photo has been making rounds on the internet.

Somehow Miorin was the only one to get a two page spread.

Messing around at the beach.

Best shot collection. And notes from the photographers.

Rie photographs well.

This book comes highly recommended.

Everything you’ve come to love of the first book is back, with the exception of the individual member recollections. For the same reason why I loved the old Hello Project NG Shot books, I found the notes an interesting part of the first book and helped add a rather personal touch.

They aren’t totally gone though. Either to make way for more photos or because the girls don’t have nearly as much time as before, there just aren’t as many journal entries as before. All of the surviving accounts are condensed to the back of the book.

It would had been nice to see the photographs themselves scribbled upon like a real life scrap book but not sure if everyone would agree on that.

Not as many notes this time.

The AKB48 Overseas Travel Diary 2 is a wonderful and meaningful buy for any AKB48 fan that comes highly recommended. Owing to the large number of places covered, the AKB48 Overseas Travel Diary 2 is a much heftier book than the last, cramming 3 times as many travel photographs in double the pages. Yet despite this, the book retails at a lower price of just 1,500 yen.

Unsurprisingly, it’s available for order at CDJapan but I pre-ordered this copy from 7netshoppping which delivers for free within Japan with minimum purchase of 1,500 yen. Or pick it up at your friendly local bookstore where available.

Click here to search CDJapan for official AKB48 goods.

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