• Ariko

    AKB48 has way more than 48 members.

  • Kram

    It’s kind of fun to look into AKB48’s past history.

  • Lexia Gray

    AKB has changed so much since this was posted, because of the 2012 team shuffle and graduations… It makes me sad at times, but I still have a little bit of hope that the group is moving into an equally bright future.

    Here’s where the members are now:
    Maeda Atsuko: Now graduated
    Takahashi Minami: Still in Team A, but now the official leader of the whole group
    Shinoda Mariko: Still in Team A, currently the captain
    Takajo Aki: Temporarily transferred to JKT48, an overseas sister group based in Indonesia
    Kojima Haruna: Now on Team B
    Oota Aika: Permanently transferred to sister group HKT48
    Kuramochi Asuka: Now on Team K
    Iwasa Misaki: Now on Team B
    Oya Shizuka: Now on Team B
    Katayama Haruka: Now on Team B
    Sashihara Rino: Permanently transferred to sister group HKT48
    Nakagawa Haruka: Temporarily transferred to JKT48, an overseas sister group based in Indonesia
    Nakata Chisato: Now on Team K
    Nakaya Sayaka: Now graduated
    Maeda Ami: Now on Team K
    Matsubara Natsumi: Now on Team K

  • davidD

    Well, one can just congratulate Akimoto on this idea. A generation-spanning, continuous casting show with own theaters for “meet-and-greet”-events. Why do always the others have such ideas? That said, an update would be very welcome. I just got recently introduced to this band and would like to hear your opinion on the last two years.

  • Wish I was Takamina

    <3 Takamina! Love all AKB members! Thanks for all of the names!

  • bjharm

    Akimoto Yasushi
    must have a great salesman both to sell his vision for a new breed of
    non Idol Idols..lol, both to whoever backed him with $ and the girls and
    parents. Specialy when you see clips of the girls early years and how few the actually paying puplic was that came to see them when they first started performing. Must have been heart breaking for the girls too after all the training that would make an army boot camp look like a joke. I think that what got my interest in AKB48 the sheer difference of 2005 to 2012

  • Katty Williams

    You should probably update this seeing at Maeda Atsuko is no longer in the group. :'(

  • Supermerlion

    Note that as of last year, Matsubara Natsumi has been signed into the OgiPro agency.

  • Kobom Thea

    I LOVE U AKB48

  • Gray Fullbuster

    Harugon will always be my favorite <3 <3

  • k31k0ku

    Kojima Haruna looks alike Keiko Kitagawa a lot
    It makes me confuse

    • Sho

      The funny thing is, sometimes she ends up looking like Nozomi Sasaki too.

  • tabahiko

    Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party. I succeed everybody smiles.
    AKB has something good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5McGB552Dc
    Thank you.

  • housokheng

    wow.so cute :D

  • Martin

    lol Come on peeps whats does it mean when they have dif productions ??

    • Sho

      Though they come together as AKB48, they are still very much individual artists with different goals. Their production companies or agencies act as their managements to help them further their goals, be it a future career in acting, music, modeling etc.

  • smileychix

    harunyan!! <3

  • aZnNeRd

    I know you made this post awhile back, but I think Matsubara Natsumi is in Production Ogi now. ^^ Which I'm so happy for her.

  • ちえ


    • http://supermerlion.com Sho

      AKBは最高アイドルです :)

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