• Lexia Gray

    For anyone who doesn’t closely follow activities of ex-AKB members, here’s an update as to what a few of them are doing in early 2013. :)

    Narita Risa: She continued working in gravure, and has released six DVDs as of 2011. In December of that same year Risa played the role of a famous AV actress in a biographic film.

    Oshima Mai: After debuting with her first single she continued on her solo career. Mai released the singles Ai tte Nandaho and Second Lady in 2010 and 2011 respectively. She also participated on the soundtrack for a Korean drama.

    Hayano Kaoru: Debuted on a solo career, releasing two solo indie singles in 2012.

    Ohori Megumi: Got married to scenario writer, Kanazawa Tatsuya, in January 2013. She’s the first former member of AKB to get married.

    Urano Kazumi: Became a temporary member of the AKB subgroup Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 in March 2012. She participated in Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!, Watarirouka’s tenth single.

  • Aris_priy4nto

    akb48 is the best…..!!
    ganbatte for akb48…….

  • Sofiah788

    AKB48 apa..nak cantaik members pagi ya!

  • Akeda

    Mikipomu was self demoted, it wasn't management who decided to make her an RS.

  • mchan1

    Ohori Megumi (Meetan) was a popular member when she was in AKB48.

    BUT… looking back at the older AKBingo episodes gives viewers the impression that something was wrong! Maybe the Japanese culture was indifferent but Meetan was seriously treated unfairly by the show and her manager who also appeared on the show!

    Every time the show did something to Meetan, it seemed like they hated her and Meetan let it show that she didn't like it (but she couldn't do a damn thing about it)!

    What's the problem with Aki-P to Meetan?

    In one of the AKBingo episodes, management had her dress up scantily so she could go around marketing and selling her 1st single!

    Did Aki-P or management get pissed over the fact that Meetan wanted to release a single on her own?

    I felt sorry for her and wanted to beat Aki-P and her manager to a pulp for humiliating her like that!

    Just because show business is a tough world does NOT give ANYONE the RIGHT to humiliate another person!

    I hope that Meetan fired her bastard manager and got a new one and went on her life with SDN48. She deserves much happiness after what she went through as she literally earned as much!

    Sorry for the rant!
    The Jpop Idol business can be so exciting but it has a very dark side to it!

  • GenkiKoala

    Very thorough, I learned about some girls that I didn't even know existed.

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