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Images from the Janken Senbatsu Official Guide Book

20 September, 2010 by

In a strange and unexpected announcement, the management have announced that the lineup of AKB48’s December single will be decided by a Jankenpon (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Tournament which will be held this coming Tuesday.

In lieu of the tournament, Kobunsha has released this equally amusing Janken Senbatsu Official Guide Book which provides a detailed analysis of each girl’s odds of winning based off their track record, I-Ching divination, palm reading as well as Western and Chinese astrology.

The book sold over 59,000 copies in it’s first week, topping the Oricon book charts and making it the fourth AKB48 related book to occupy a spot among the 10 most sold books this year.

Yan picked up this copy of the mook while we were at Kinokuniya over the weekend. After looking through it, I’m a little tempted to grab one too. The full body photographs in the book are definite some of their best shots to date. All for only the budget price of 1,000 yen.




Random poster. As before, its sealed in an envelope.

The match ups.

Title image.

Photoshoot shots.

Typical photobook type pictures.

Trash talking before the fight.

Girls were listed according to match ups.

Detailed ninja stats.

Member information and signature.

Kasai had the best chances of winning.

Followed by Minegishi.

Lovetan too.

Myao not looking so good.

Full body shots of each member.

Some of their best photographs to date. They should get Kobunsha to do their profile portraits.

An interview with SDN48.


Last few pages were dedicated to the graduating Ono Erena.

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