AKB48 General Election Swimsuit Suprise 2010

Bikini themed election results mook

20 October, 2010 by

Here’s a quick look through the more recently released AKB48 Sousenkyo! Mizugi Surprise 2010, which translates literally as the General Election Swimsuit Surprise. The mook is meant as a results book for the past election but as both the title and cover suggest, it’s also bikini driven offering from the idol group.



First page.


Maeda at 2nd place.


Bikinis fit some better than others.


Photos from results day.

All these speeches.

The rest.

Under Girls get 1 page each only.

Photos from behind the scenes of Heavy Rotation.

As well as the B and C-sides.

AkiP appears in this book as well.

Interesting section.

Election poster styled pictures.

One for each person.

Making of this mook.

As usual, free stickers.

Jankenpon thank you message.

More attachments.

Just like the AKB48 Fashion Book, I’m not too keen on the whole swimsuit thing. As appealing as bikinis are, the creator of bikinis obviously only had a minuscule percentage of women in mind. With the exception of Victoria’s Secret models, few people actually look good in one, even idols.

Some will undeniably find enjoyment in identifying those who manage to fill out their bikini. For the rest of the fans, there are still some things to find value in, such as the account of election day as well as interviews with the members and staff.

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