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With the 2011 AKB48 senbatsu elections beginning in just a few days time, we take a look at this year’s AKB48 General Election Guide Book. It follows a similar format to last year’s guide book, but now features detailed statistics of an expanded repertoire of 152 members spread over AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and the combined kenkyuusei forces.

AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Official Guide Book 2011.

Honestly, if you could only purchase one AKB48 mook a year make it this annual compendium. It’s certainly the thickest, with over 150 full color pages, it’s perhaps the most value for money AKB48 magazine.

Back. Pretty identical format to last year.

152 are participating in this year's elections.

The magazine begins with write ups of last year’s selected members. This is juxtaposed with a compilation of photos, chosen from some of the best taken over the course of the year.

Last year's senbatsu get full colored features at the front.

The top seven get 4 pages each.

Yuki is a special case. She gets 3 pages.

9 to 12 get 2 pages, with the rest getting only a single column.

It continues to a long interview with producer Akimoto Yasushi.

Akimoto Yasushi's insights.

Last year’s elections is also covered in full. Apart from the rankings, all of the girls comments from election day are recorded in full. Accompanied by colored photos of course.

Last year's event in detail.

Ninja stats on each of the 152 members.

The brunt of the book consists of profiles of all the members or as I prefer to call it…ninja stats. There’s also a short writeup of each girl and comments from Mr Togasaki, AKB48’s theater manager and second in command.

Full fledged members get more space.

You can win the decorated polaroids in a contest.

Polaroid pictures appear alongside each profile, each autographed and decorated by the girls themselves. Each copy of the magazine comes with a contest entry form where fans are encouraged to guess this year’s top 12 and 21st member. 100 winners will get invites to a special event where they will be able to sample home cooked meals from AKB48 members. With another 152 winning the actual polaroids shown in the book.

Staff members give their predictions.

SKE48 get full profiles too.

NMB48 get less space each though.

As do the research students.

Complete list of election poster cards.

Also included are pictures for all the girls “election cards” compiled in one place. One promotional photo card of a random member will be inserted in first press copies for theater versions of the upcoming Everyday, Kachuusha single. Like the ones included during the past couple years’ election singles, the cards are designed to look like political campaign posters, a fun touch.

Amusingly made to look like actual election campaign posters.

The kenkyuusei and NMB48 get smaller pictures here.

There’s also a summarized timeline of AKB48’s history, expanded to included last year’s events.

History of AKB48.

This time round, only last year's top 12 get stickers.

While last year’s copy included stickers of all 108 members (at the time), it seems they had trouble fitting any more onto a single sheet. Instead, only the first 12 girls from last year are available in adhesive form. Finally, the mook also comes with one of two possible posters, again featuring the top 12.

And as always. Posters.

The AKB48 General Election Guide Book 2011 is available for sale at 1000 yen or SGD$22.90 at local Kinokuniya outlets (provided it isn’t sold out).

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