AKB48 Fashion Book

Featuring rather a lack of clothes

01 August, 2010 by

This year’s photobook charts are being topped by AKB48. The top selling book is non-other than the AKB48 Fashion Book, which has sold more than 70,000 copies to date. Also appearing among the top 10 are two gravure books from Maeda Atsuko and the AKB48 Overseas Travel Diary.

Prior to its release, the publishes were quite active in promoting the book. Banner advertisements could be found at some train stations.

Ad at Daikanyama.

The limited edition first press was available for sale (with bonus photocards) ahead of time to the attendees of the Yokohama concert. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to grab a copy before the concert started. Instead I grabbed a copy from Akihabara’s Softmap on the day of release.



Turned out that the book wasn’t so much of a fashion book as advertised but rather just a disguised gravure book. Lots of fan service but hardly any fashion. It retails for only 1500 yen though.

A little preview of what’s inside.

There were a number of themed shoots.

But they were just pretty much different variations of lingerie.

Behind the scenes.

Before after fashion change.


Each copy of the book also comes with an attached sleeve (annoyingly its perforated to the book itself) containing one “kiss” poster of one random member. Sadly, I got the Jurina poster.


Reverse of the poster. Group shot, with bad hair.

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