• kieram

    These are fantastic! Thanks!
    AKB team 8 has a ton of cute catchphrases. They’re young, so they’re not embarrassed by the super cute ones. Will you take a look and translate them as well? They’re adorable!

  • Cindy Japardi

    Yukirin’s catchphrase is the best!
    夢中にさせちゃうぞ♪ (I’ll make you daze!)

    I also use the same catchphrase as Yukirin.

  • Claudia

    Sae has a new catchphrase too:
    陽気・無邪気・元気! 二十歳の宮澤佐江です
    (youki – mujaki – genki! Hatachi no Miyazawa Sae desu)
    (cheerful, innocent, energetic! I'm 20 year-old Miyazawa Sae)

  • Teddy

    Thanks! I wanted a place I could read all their catchphrases!

  • Chiyuu

    Kasai Tomomis Team B Oshi Catchphrase is not Chuu Chuu Chuu, it's chiyuu chiyuu chiyuu. 😮

    • Sho

      Thanks. Fixed.

  • http://melosnomichi.blogspot.com kieyuku

    Rie has a more recent catchphrase "xxよりxx派 (xx yori xx ha)" where xx are replaced by random things everytime. For example, she'd say "sanji yori zoro ha".

    • Sho

      Ah I was lazy to write that…only you will notice missing anyways. But I finally added it in.

  • GenkiKoala

    One stop for catchphrases! Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000618967531 Justin Chan

    Haha, nice. Was trying to look for such a comprehensive list before, but couldn't find one.

    A couple of issues I've noticed:
    a) the font size got smaller when it came to Team B.
    b) in Harugon's catchphrase when it comes to "doko ni kita", I read somewhere that the fans are supposed to reply with "koko ni", but I only really remember Mayuyu's catchphrase, so I could be wrong.
    c) for Chikarina, you left it as Team K. Shouldn't it be Team B now?
    d) you left out the romaji for Nacchan's catchphrase.

    Still, good job. Might have been a little bit confusing having to write up such a large post.

    I'm guessing Mayuyu will be changing that second half of her catchphrase this time.

    • Sho

      Wow. Thanks for helping me QC so detail. You rock~

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000618967531 Justin Chan

      You're welcome. Not exactly detailed. I just happened to notice as I scrolled through, might as well point it out instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to.

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