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30 June, 2011 by

The AKB48 Singapore Cafe opened its doors for the first time last Saturday. Invited for this special event were three members Takeuchi Miyu, Shimazaki Haruka and Abe Maria. Despite being termed a “soft launch”, the opening was met with a warm reception from fans, many of whom arrived early in the morning to witness the treat.

Opening day began with the AKB48 members (accompanied by theater manager Mr Togasaki) physically unsealing the cafe doors in the early afternoon. Afterwhich other media entities both local and overseas were invited to spend the afternoon inside.

Business began in the late afternoon, as the fans who had been queuing since the morning excitedly filled up the rather spacious cafe.

At the same time, in a manner similar to what their sister group SDN48 had done two weeks ago, the three AKB48 members took to the streets of Singapore’s Orchard Road to promote their Sunday concert.

Taking to the streets.

Followed by a throng of fans.

Giving out flyers for their show.

Shimazaki Haruka.

Posing outside Ion Orchard.

While the event was meant to be a surprise, as with the previous SDN48 event, another leak of information from the local media lead to a large mob of fans following the girls around Orchard Road.

Though hindered, the AKB48 members and staff continued to give out flyers under the sweltering heat. Hopefully, piquing the interest of the public and convincing some to give the group a chance.

Apparently, the girls returned to the cafe after their walk. But if that were true, they were gone by the time it was our turn to visit later that day.

A different kind of idol.

Many of the fans managed to get autographs and pictures with Mr Togasaki.

The AKB48 Cafe itself occupies a spacious area on the 3rd floor of *SCAPE. It’s located directly above the AKB48 Singapore Shop itself and beside Sakae Sushi.

Since they were unable to decorate the rented Warehouse where stage shows are held in Singapore, the cafe front mimicks the design of AKB48’s theater back in Akihabara, complete with the broadway theater sign proclaiming “Japan’s most sophisticated show”.

AKB48 Cafe.

One of the cafe's trial menus.

Team color coordinated shaved ice floats.


The visiting members portraits were placed at the entrance.

Everyone else was pasted on the windows. The signed boards from previous weeks too.

Other decor.

Friendly waitress that served us this day.

Afternoon's menu.

During the duration of its “soft launch”, the cafe will be rotating between a number of trial menus. We made it in during the late afternoon which meant that tea sets were being served. In somewhat of a throwback to the old AKB48 Cafe in Akihabara, the menu consisted of just a few choices of ice cream and parfait desserts. Here are the items, in order of the menu.

Waffles with Ice Cream.

Banana Parfait.

Strawberry Parfait.

AKB48 Ice Cream Set.

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