AKB1/48 Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book

Do people still buy these?

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The AKB1/48 Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book (Official Strategy Visual Book) is the licensed strategy guide for the AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara video game. It provides a detailed walkthrough to AKB48’s first video game, though I highly doubt that’s the main selling point. For most, this is another chance to own a little piece of AKB48 for the price of your lunch money.

With the invention of the internet and on demand access to online FAQS, game strategy magazines are all but dead. Still, within Japan there lies a market for such things, either as a replacement for the game’s inept manual or as a visual accompaniment full of game statistics.

AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book.

Back cover.

Stickers. For your PSP perhaps.

In truth the AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara game doesn’t have nearly as much difficultly or depth to warrant the need for a manual, much less a strategy guide. But that doesn’t stop Kodansha from finding another excuse to publish more photos of Japan’s favorite idols. Photos well worth the 1000 yen cost of the book.

Member features.

Guides for each member.

A little more AKB48.

In fact, those who haven’t played the game might be inclined to find the mook much more amusing. Since you’d be seeing most of the material for the first time. If you’ve already bought the game, the Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book will sit nicely beside your explicitly ever growing collection of AKB48 paraphernalia.

Step by step instructions.

Game FAQ.

Behind the scenes with the staff.

Apart from the new “feature” photographs of each member, other new content include the creators’ insights while making the game. There’s also short section where members were presented related questions such as “What type of guys do you like?” or “In what sort of situation would you like to confess your feelings?”.

Casual Q&A with the girls.

Love letters.


As always, the AKB1/48 Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book comes with attached posters and stickers. This time, Kodansha have also included mock “love letters” written by the girls which are likely to leave certain fans speechless.

Those who’ve missed this book in the sea of AKB48 releases will be glad to know that it is still in print. You can find the product page for the AKB1/48 Koshiki Koryaku Visual Book here.

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