AFA 09 Singapore Day 2

22 November, 2009 by

Went with Wilson in the morning to get lightsticks. The one the concert provided us with, although super bright, only last for FIVE minutes!!! Can you believe it. How you expect us to use it for a 2 hour concert?! Worst, they were selling it for $3 each zomg. The ones we bought last 12 hours! And they’re only 80 cents each 🙂

Day 2


We went for this K-ON! Experience session in the afternoon. The actual voice actors from the insanely popular anime actually came all the way from japan to do a first ever live dubbing plus Q&A session.


I know it's a bit much, but OMG It's K'ON! And they sound just like their characters! xD

I’ve always wondered how anime voice actors looked like in real life, and if they actually do speak this way in normal conversation. Turns out they do! And they were OMG super kawaii!!! Amazing to see them inject life and energy into every little expression and reaction during the live dubbing. They didn’t allow photos, so couldn’t get any.

Danny Choo giving away this awesome K'ON autographed board.

Lucky bastards.

I think we were all quite shell shocked. For the first 20 mins everyone was like uwah, they’re actually here, live on stage, the seiyuus from K-ON! Missing the one doing Mio though. I was hoping she’d show up, but only the other 4 came.


Yes wota alert!

After swarming with the 6000 photographers shooting cosplayers during the day, we headed to our seats. Front row! The camera was in the way at first, but we got the guys beside us to move towards the aisle. Thanks guys! Anyways we prepared like 16 glow sticks. 4 for each hand LOL. Was in total wota mode.


Bringing the house down~

Yoshiki started of with a bang~ total rocker. Took a couple of songs to get the energy up. You could see him getting more excited when he heard the crowd sing along with him. Then he started interacting with the crowd. He tried to get us to sing along, and we did! He looked genuinely surprised when he stopped his guitar and singing for a few lines, and we continued on! lol. Totally awesome. Found out his set was quite short. Seems like May’n was getting a whole lot more stage time. Ah well, no one’s complaining.

Next was May’N!


She had a proper opening sequence, like those MM concerts you see. Just music, lights and dancers going at it until she comes running out hands up waving. Then the crowd explodes with wooooooooooooo~!

Oh so sexy singing Pink Monsoon from Macross Frontier.

May’N totally rocked the stage, compared to Shokotan and the retro guy yesterday, she was way better. More stage presence. And she moved around a lot, unlike Shokotan. I guess since it’s her second time here, she’s not as nervous performing in front of a non-Japanese audience. She sang a bunch of songs from her new album, then launched in the mega famous Lion and Northern Cross song combo. That one owned all xD

Wotas n Glowsticks!

There was this crazy group of wotas in the middle that led the chants and glow stick movements. SUPER FUN LA!! Different glow stick movements to accompany the ups and downs of the song. hahahaha~ Plus the guy beside me accidentally threw his glow stick to the front of the stage after swinging too hard lol. That moment was classic.

Wotaness knows no boundaries.

May’n + english = lol

May'n loves roti prata~!

Her MC moments were quite hilarious. She was speaking in really short English, like “I like Singapore food!” “I like roti prata!” “I like chicken rice!” each time we cheered as loud as possible. I couldn’t help lol’ing at the roti prata part. I mean, it’s not everyday you see May’N yell she likes roti prata! xD There was one part where she tried to explain something but fumbled with her english. Then she asked “Japanese OK?” and made the OK sign with her fingers. Everyone went “OKKKK!” and she had the surprised-lol look xD

During the encore she tried to say in english, “Collaboration between time and space”, or something like that. Halfway through she forgot the English words and had to restart the sentence twice. She was about to give up when finally she went “ahhh! i under-*long pause*-stand?” then said the full sentence. lol.

Especially loved the part when she said it was her last song, then we all went “EEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” as loud as possible. She had the lol face after that xD I dunno about the back, but the guys in front screamed their lungs out during the part where we were yelling “ONE MORE TIME” in japanese. The last 2 encore songs were epic awesome. xD

Lights! Sound! May'n!

Sort of felt like a morning musume concert with all the chants and crazy jumping. My partner in crime also agreed, after going to a real MM concert, this one sort of pales in comparison. But nonetheless, totally awesome~

More Coverage!

The concert was actually covered in a special May’n segment on NHK Music Japan! Japan National TV! They showed the parts during the Motteke yelling, and the camera managed to catch us in the front row. 18 seconds of fame yes! lol~

18 Seconds of fame, YES!

My first ever TV appearance and I’m caught waving 8 glowsticks in a Morning Musume 40th Anniversary Tshirt. Terrible. lol. Thanks to Erik for the heads up! xD

Can you see the MM 40th Anniversary t-shirt? xD

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