AFA 09 Singapore Day 1

21 November, 2009 by

Yay Anime Festival Asia at Suntec! 2 day event with evening concerts, 21st to 22nd November 2009. Photo above from a pre-event press conference. From left is Kaname, May’n, Aniki, Mamoru Hosoda, and Danny Choo!

I’ve no idea what to expect from this event, since I didn’t go for last year’s one. But famous Japanese singers were taking part in the concerts, and one of them (Shokotan) appeared on a TV show with Morning Musume before, so that was reason enough to spend $188 on the 2 day ticket. Haha! Anyways, been working so hard the past 2 weeks, this event was a great 2 days to end the month with.

Day 1
There were like 6000 photographers all over the place. Figured my photos will look pretty much the same as everyone else, so video it was.  The photos on this post are mostly screen caps from HD video.

The booths were quite dull I thought, Gundams, figurines. Went to catch a talk by the famous Danny Choo. Was funny at the beginning with his storm trooper dance in, but fell asleep towards the end. Nice example of how he built a super niche business around his mega famous blog.

Then came the concert at 7pm. Found it quite disappointing. Was hoping to see more of Shokotan, but in the end she felt like the opening act for the other ANIKI guy. He sang double the amount of songs, and stole Shokotan’s encore! Plus the songs he sang were all super old school anime ones. I nearly fell asleep halfway through his set. Lucky Shokotan came out for a duet encore at the end.

Hopefully the May’n one tomorrow won’t be as boring. I’ll be in my 40th anniversary shirt tomorrow, jumping around with a lot light sticks. If anyone need light sticks tomorrow, find me! xD

Photos from the event below :

Huge Domokun for sale~

Figurines all over the place.

This booth was particularly popular. Soul Eater weapons for sale.

Another view of the weapons for sale. A lot of people in the area carrying swords after a while. lol.

More figurines. According to some of the guys that went for last year's one, this time there wasn't as much on sale.

Overpriced anime related drinks for sale inside.

Nemesis from Resident Evil queuing to enter the Maid Cafe...

Photos on the wall outside the 'Moe Moe Kun' Maid Cafe~

They had these card playing booths as well.

No idea what it was, looked complicated.

Cosplayers parading around inside the event hall.

They even had this live dubbing booth for animax channel.

Cool no? Apparently dubbing is quite a big thing in the cosplay world.

Big, weapon.

Eneloop, bunny, er, dog, no, hamster, thing...

There's a minority that like to cosplay special forces, and these are for them.

Here they are, exchanging tips on guns.

Their secret stash of loot.

You can get your very own sidearm for $15.50. Not bad eh.

They had live drawing show cases as well.

I think this one's famous. Look at the crowd~!

Apart from the event hall, they had other shows going on in the concert area during the day.

Swarms of photographers! Well not all, but a good 90% of them.

Yes here comes the cosplayers outside the hall.

Yes there were a lot of people with cameras

Not sure who these 2 were cosplaying, but nicely done.

Looks like Sabre from fate stay night. But i'm most probably wrong xD

These were cosplaying the K-ON! girls. Way too many people to get a good shot.

I've no idea where the bloody guy comes from. He makes an appearance later on.

Hatsune Miku gang!


Help! lol

Not too sure about the left, but the right is Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.

So pretty!

Ah, not too sure which anime these two are from.

Alright now, lets all lie down for camera man upstairs.

C.C from Code Geass.

Black Rock shooter appears...

To own everyone.

Sanada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings)

Pretty x2!

Looking cools 😀


Hatsune Miku gang again.

Even more coolness.

Fight scene xD


Took me a while before I realized this was from Kingdom Hearts.

Teach me some skills, I

Not sure where too.

From Spirited Away?

Nagato and Konan from Naruto.

Very nice Soifon from Bleach.


I suspect from Gundam.

NEMESIS ZOMG. What joo lookin at?

Nicely done, not sure from where.

I wonder where they get the guns from.

I know this one, Misa from Death Note!

Looks like one of the sons from Advent Children. But I'm most probably wrong xD

More Black Rock Shooter ownage.

Scary. xD

Suspiciously familiar...

Spirited Away! I think.


Ownage x2

Realistic props are all the rage.

Picture with you please!


Hatsune Miku.

Those gloves....

Every once in a while something epic like this shows up.

Epic from not sure where.

It's starting to get frustrating, to not know who's from what.

I'm amazed at how elaborate some of the costumes are.

Gundam still under construction, come back later.

Now that's good personal space distance.

Medic and Scout from Team Fortress!

I think cosplay events should provide guidebooks to people like me can identify characters 😀

Then again, a friend mentioned some of them do original costumes as well.

Another fight scene.

From the other side.

Jason on the left, on the phone. Hilarious xD

From Claymore.

Too close, TOO CLOSE.

From Claymore.

From Claymore.

Clusters forming from the top xD

The more impressive, the bigger the cluster.

This was one epic group.

I think this guy's from the game Prototype.

Epic sits down.

Pretty's back!


More of the epic group.


That’s all for Day 1!

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