Supermerlion is an online media platform updated regularly with original articles and first hand impressions from Singapore, Japan, and the rest of Asia.

Supermerlion was founded in November 2009. The goal, the creation of an portal where the true local flavor of Singapore could be accurately represented to the rest of the world. Since launching in February 2010, we have moved on to cover relevant information from Japan.

There’s more to Singapore than Food and Shopping. Nor is Japan just Anime and Manga. We cover everything unique and cool in Asia.

At Supermerlion there is a strong emphasis on original content. To date, there are over 600 updates featured. Posts are written in an exploratory manner that requires readers no prior knowledge on the subject.

The site covers a broad range of contents, limited only by our authors interests. Be it travel, photography, music or idols, each showcases another facet of modern Asia.

Our goal is to present culture and sub-cultures articles through which people can discover, understand and enjoy the many facets of Singapore and Japan.

1,000,000* and growing. We take an active role in working together with others to bring our readers what they love.

In just two years the site’s growth has exceeded our expectations. The content-centric stance has had the side effect of making Supermerlion one of Singapore’s most visible sub-culture sites and we rank favorably for all related search terms, particularly on Google, where our articles constantly take the most prominent spots.

But most importantly, we like to believe that our focus on good content means that the articles on Supermerlion are actually appreciated and absorbed by readers.

People residing in the United States, Singapore and Japan make up the majority of viewers. According to our data, there are an equal number of male and female users, most of whom are single, fall within the 18-34 year old demographic and are well educated.

* Since January 2012

Each writer brings a unique perspective to the team

This project is made possible only through the collaboration of an interesting (or so we like to believe) team of editors and content creators, who come from multi-cultural backgrounds and a variety of disciplines. We are brought together by our unanimous interest in modern Asian cultures.

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