Harajuku’s explosion of colors

10 December, 2011 by

6%DOKIDOKI is a famous Harajuku fashion boutique responsible for much of the “kawaii” fashion looks that you see in magazines like Fruits. The creation of fashion designer Sebastian Masuda, 6%DOKIDOKI basically provides (barely) toned down decora-styled clothing and accessories to the masses.

If it looks remotely familiar, that’s because Sebastian Masuda was also responsible for the set in Kyary Pamyu Payu’s PONPONPON video. Apart from designing for his brand, Masuda is also a visual artist for a number of exhibition and installations, all in his trademark explosion of colors.

6%DOKIDOKI founder Sebastian Masuda.

Rather than have multiple outlets, Masuda often has temporary popup stores for the brand. They have only recently finished an exhibit in Shibuya that featured non-other than Kyary herself. Earlier this year 6%DOKIDOKI also collaborated with the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project 2011 World Tour to bring its catalog of fashions to the Western world.


Masuda’s attention to detail and psychedelic imagination lends itself beautifully to the 6%DOKIDOKI brand. Fans of the brand are attracted to the promise of a whole cute new lifestyle, rather than a simple change of wardrobe.

Wonderfully detailed exhibits.

Click here to visit the official 6%DOKIDOKI website and webstore.

The 6%DOKIDOKI style.

While we probably won’t see 6%DOKIDOKI’s eccentric fashions coming to Singapore anytime soon you can find their store peering out of the second floor of Meji-jingumae Harajuku here.

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6%DOKIDOKI Sensational Lovely Shop
2F TX101 Building
Jingumae 4-28-16
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Images by 6%DOKIDOKI.


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