• Tung Sai Kang

    I think ‘M’ by Princess Princess is really really good! It’s been covered by many other singers and groups like Hideaki Tokunaga
    Another one I really like is “Sekaijuu no Dare Yori Kitto”, which was by Miho Nakayama & WANDS
    I understand they aren’t as “classic” or timeless by I think these songs are quite powerful and maybe someone here might enjoy them like I did!

  • Kenneth Matias

    how about – feel like dance – and -sweet soul revue – ?

    • Supermerlion

      Glad to see a Pizzicato Five fan!

    • ZuiCide

      Thank u ive been searching for this song for a very long time… FEEL LIKE DANCE :)

    • ZuiCide

      i also like sweet soul revue by pizicato 5 loved your recommended songs

  • Aulia Zahara

    don’t forget AMAYADORI, Huo Lai, and Kokoronotomo 😀

  • Yasuko


  • saurako

    I’ve been looking for the video of the Honda advertisement that featured a little boy on a bicycle with the Highs and lows playing in the background.. but luck has it against me :( … do you know where I can find it? Google has no answers for this one!

  • Anon

    Don’t forget Sukiyaki!

  • @warazzi

    I found your website while trawling google, trying to get a crash course in j-culture as much as possible before relocating over to Tokyo in a couple of weeks.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed all the tracks posted. Nostalgia!!! Haha. Thanks!

  • Kazesuki

    Go go! Hikki! I remembered been entranced by "First Love" the first time i heard it at the shop in Bugis. This is the only Jap song I can remember this far

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