Yokohama Winter 2014 Day 8

A rather unconventional Christmas Eve

15 April, 2014 by

Christmas is a particularly big deal in Japan, thought not exactly for the right reasons. In past trips, we’d often barely miss the Christmas season. This time round however we had planned specifically to spend Christmas in Japan since the last visit. Randy and I were keen to experience Christmas here and I was looking forward to their famous illuminations. 
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Tokyo Winter 2014 Day 7

Onward to Tokyo

07 April, 2014 by

After checking out of the hotel this morning, it was time to head over to Nagasaki Airport for our flight over to Tokyo. As our luck would have it, there was actually a Rev. from DVL live over in Nagasaki this afternoon which we would have to miss. It would had been nice to see what all the hype was about.
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Nagasaki Winter 2014 Day 6

The Nagasaki Peace Park

25 March, 2014 by

It was our last full day in Nagasaki, but despite this, we had already covered most of the main sights in the small town yesterday, save for Clover Garden, churches and the Peace Park. We weren’t that interested in the first two however, since we’ve already done quite a bit of historical sightseeing, but the last was still a must visit. So once again, leaving early, we caught a tram from in front of the hotel a few streets north to the Nagasaki Peace Park which commemorates the atomic bombing of the city.
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Nagasaki Winter 2014 Day 5

A town with an ocean view, we visit Nagasaki's port and the famous Mount Inasa

16 March, 2014 by

Today we would be exploring some of the popular destinations at Nagasaki, including Dejima and Mount Inasa. The day started with some light rains again, but according to the weather report, would let up later in the day. But before that, we had to return to the train terminal to see if we could recover the towel Gage left on the train yesterday.
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Nagasaki Winter 2014 Day 4

Nagasaki's Champon, a surprise in every bite

27 February, 2014 by

Checked out from our hotel in the morning, but we’d stay in Fukuoka for the afternoon. Hadn’t had time to plan ahead for the trip, so when we did book our hotels, there weren’t any affordable rooms available for the weekend in Hakata. To get around this, we’d spend the rest of the week at Nagasaki, but after researching at this last minute, we found out that there really wasn’t enough to fill up 3 full days at Nagasaki, thus the decision to spend the day in Hakata.
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Fukuoka Winter 2014 Day 3

The ocean, fishes and sweets

22 February, 2014 by

We woke up to an another slight drizzle on our second morning in Hakata. The first course of action was to thus head over to the nearby Canal City to grab a new, preferably waterproof pair of shoes. At the same time, we’d take the opportunity to visit the HKT48 Shop that we missed yesterday.
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Fukuoka Winter 2014 Day 2

A one day tour of touristy Hakata

18 February, 2014 by

We’d wake up fresh from last night’s rest on our first morning in Japan. Bristling with energy, we’d leave the hotel early and would cover quite a bit of ground today. All this despite the showers that had carried on through last night and which would come and go periodically throughout the rest of the day.
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Fukuoka Winter 2014 Day 1

First time in Fukuoka

14 February, 2014 by

It’s been quite a while since an update hasn’t. Between work and attending university part time, there hasn’t been anything of interest recently to update this site with. Eventually things start to get to you though. With such a busy schedule, 2013 was the single longest span of having to be away from Japan in years. At the end of the year, I gave in and found an opportunity between semesters and projects at work to squeeze in a trip back to that wondrous place.
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Supermerlion 4th Anniversary

Still going strong

11 February, 2014 by

Today marks the 4th year since this site’s founding. Yes, the site is still alive. In fact, it’s doing quite well considering the lack of updates. It would seem that the decision to shift away from timely media and news updates toward more evergreen articles two years ago had payed off.

With the rest of the authors now moving on to other things and having to balance both work and school on my end, it has been hard finding time to update this site, or even any new content to. That’s not to say that Supermerlion is dead. On the contrary, site traffic has remain unchanged despite the lack of updates. In some cases viewership has actually increased in lieu of Google’s new updates that favour original content.

2014 will most likely be another interim year for the site,  so while I can’t foresee any expansion in the year ahead, Supermerlion will continue doing what it has done successfully, in making useful cultural information available to the public and by supporting other local projects. On the front end, the site will be seeing some updates finally, in the form of some new travel journals in the weeks to come, so do look forward to that. Hopefully, there can be some new guides after.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far and a happy new year ahead.

STGCC 2013 Impressions

Singapore's biggest toys and comics convention draws in the crowds

03 September, 2013 by

Last weekend we returned to the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center for the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention. This year marks the second since Singapore’s largest toys and comics convention has shifted to the more prestigious location. With its wide range of offerings ranging from the mainstream to niched sub-cultures, STGCC is something we look forward to annually.
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Mihama American Village

One stop entertainment and shopping in the heart of Okinawa

05 August, 2013 by

It is almost impossible to look through any travel guides on Okinawa without seeing a mention of the Mihama American Village, the popular shopping spot in Chatan.
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Thailand Business Trip July 2013

A crash course in the underbelly of Bangkok

01 August, 2013 by

Last week, I took a short trip down to Bangkok for some business, my first time visiting Thailand. Despite lasting barely 2 days, it proved to be a frantic, eye-opening experience and a suitable crash course in the workings of the underside of the country. While the sensitive nature of the trip means that a lot of details will have to be passed over, here’s a short summary of some of the happenings.
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PAX Australia Impressions

PAX Australia lives up to expectations as the best video games convention in the Pacific

23 July, 2013 by

Being a fan of the Penny Arcade webcomics, getting to attend the first ever PAX show in Melbourne, Australia, was truly a dream come true. Being surrounded by fellow gamers and cosplayers, and also to be immersed into such a culture for even just a day was simply incredible. Despite it being quite a gloomy, rainy day, the hype and the mood for PAX was far from that. Before the doors opened at 10am, the lines had already extended far beyond the entrance to the queue room and continued to grow. It was stunning to see the amount of people socializing with one another, not to mention the amount of StreetPass hits on my 3DS got as soon as I walked in the door!
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